Flannel Friday – There Was an Old Monster

This week our Wiggleworms Story Time theme was Halloween! I love Rebecca Emberley, Adrian Emberley and Ed Emberley’s book There Was an Old Monster
There was an old monster

I have seen many wonderful flannel versions of this story – and loved them all! My Wiggleworms group loves this kind of story but they expect my Old Lady puppet (Aunt B) to make an appearance… so I made Aunt B a Halloween costume:


The felt mask slipped over her face under Aunt B’s nose leaving her mouth uncovered and therefore able to swallow.  The mask’s horns were made from some quilting fabric I had that was similar to the print in  the illustrations. I stuffed the horns with a little cotton. I also made a pair of green felt shorts just like the monster in the book.

Next I printed off some clip art of the various bugs and animals the monster consumes in this book so that the kids could ‘feed’ them to Aunt B:


HUGE hit!  Kids though it was hysterical that Aunt B had a costume.

When we got to the lion at the end of the book I asked the kids what they thought would happen since I did not have a giant lion puppet to gobble up Aunt B! I got a lot of good answers, but we turned to the book to find out what would happen and I feigned complete horror at the thought of Aunt B being eaten by a lion!

Tons of Halloween fun!  Aunt B may have to dress up more often…..


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