Itsy Bitsy Fall Crafts

Here are the crafts we made in Itsy Bitsy Story Time in October:

Fall Leaf Stamping


The directions for this beautiful (and easy!) project can be found here.

Fall Wreath



Paper plate with circle pre-cut out of middle
Pre-cut construction paper leave in fall colors
Glue Stick


I pre-cut the plates and attached the ribbon hanger before Story Time to make things easier.
Babies and toddlers glued leaves onto the plate, older kids wrote family member names or things they were thankful for on the leaves, some drew pictures.  Very easy to make this craft easy or a little more involved depending on age levels.




Pre-cut orange construction paper pumpkins
Pre-cut black construction paper shapes
Pre-cut green construction paper stems
Glue stick


Kids pasted the pre-cut shapes into Jack-o-Lantern faces.  Some were very modern, some very traditional!  Super easy craft for toddlers!

Peek-a-Boo Pop Up Cup

P1090307 P1090306 P1090305


Paper cups with a hole pre-cut in bottom of cup
Halloween stickers
Popsicle sticks
Tape-cut ghost shapes


For the babies and toddlers I put a fact onto the ghosts and had them taped to the popsicle sticks and ready to go.  For the older kids I let them decorate their ghosts and helped them tape them to the sticks.

Next, kids used Halloween stickers to decorate the outside of their cups.

Put the ghost on a stick into the cup with the popsicle stick pushing through the hole in the bottom of the cup.

The babies and toddlers LOVED playing peek-a-boo with the ghosts.  The pre-schoolers had a lot of fun saying BOO to the grown-ups!

Source: (lots of great ideas on this site!)

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