Opening & Closing Songs


Opening Song:

I’m Going Down to the Library!

by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark

I’m going down to the library!

Picking out a book,

Check it in, check it out.

Gonna say HI to the librarian,

Picking out a book,

Check it in, check it out!

(In the following verses we say HI to the dictionary, our story time friends, whatever is on the flannel board, etc!)


Closing Rhyme & Song:

The Goodbye Rap!

(by Rob Reid)

Wave high, wave low,

I think it’s time we’ve go to go,

Wave your elbows, wave your toes,

Wave your tongue, wave your nose,

Wave your knees, wave your lips,

Blow a kiss with fingertips,

Wave your ears, wave your hair,

Wave your belly and derriere!

Wave your chin, wave your eye,

Now wave your hand and say…


It is Time to Say Goodbye to All My Friends!


Tune: “She’ll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain”

It is time to say goodbye to all my friends! (Yee-haw!)

It is time to say goodbye to all my friends! (Yee-haw!)

It is time to say goodbye, give a smile and wink your eye!

It is time to say goodbye to all my friends (Yee-haw!)

31 thoughts on “Opening & Closing Songs

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