Newtown Arbor Day!

Area preschoolers and their grown ups are always welcome to attend the annual Arbor Day events at Officer Brian Gregg Memorial Park! This year’s celebration is on Friday, April 22, 2016. Festivities begin around 10 am and go on for about 2 hours. All are welcome to join in to age appropriate stations! This is self paced. There will be music, parachute play, sidewalk chalk and many of our first and fifth grade friends from Goodnoe Elementary School as well as our buddies from Newtown Presbyterian Preschool will be there too!

For more information:

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Itsy Bitsy Concepts

This April Itsy Bitsy Story Time focuses on CONCEPTS and OPPOSITES! Concepts are key to early language and reading development and they are learned in pairs that are opposites! For more information on this fascinating developmental milestone, check out this Super Duper Handy Handout!

Here are the songs and rhymes we will use this month:

Finger Rhyme: This is Big!

This is big, big, big. (Stretch hands far to side)
This is small, small, small. (Cup hands together over lap)
This is short, short, short. (Hold palms horizontally, close)
This is tall, tall, tall. (Hold palms horizontally, far apart)
This is fast, fast, fast. (roll hands quickly)
This is slow, slow, slow. (roll hands slowly)
This is yes, yes, yes. (nod)
This is no, no, no! (shake head) Continue reading