2015 Mock Caldecott – Better Late than Never!

Trying something a little new… a bit of a Story Time re-think… re-vamp… some of our Wiggleworms who are approaching (or have just hit) the age of FIVE are not having FUN with a couple of our routines, which just won’t do! So this week (well, it was a few weeks ago – I am still catching up here!) we tried reading more than one book in a row *gasp* cut back on our songs and chants, brought back the craft… and it worked great. Sometimes a change is as good as a break and in this case we have had both, haven’t we?!?

The 2015 Caldecott Awards for the most distinguished American picture book for children were awarded earlier in the week, but the Wiggleworms didn’t know that  – so I selected FIVE books that had been on many other Story Time short lists, including the book that won this year’s award. After a brief explanation of the awards we decided we would have our own vote.

Here are the books:

BOOK: Nana in the City
by Lauren Castillo
Nana in the City

This sweet and gentle book shows a beautiful relationship between grandmother and grandchild. Set in New York City the artwork is stunning and the story is very sweet.  The kids loved the cape and were very attentive. Continue reading

Wacky Wednesday Deux!

We’re back! Thank you for your patience! A few weeks ago we held our second Wacky Wednesday program! So fun! 

Our weekly activities include: Opening Song, GAME CUBE!, BANANA BREAK!!! and Closing Rhyme & Song

And here is what we did for Wacky Wednesday Deux!

BOOK: Chalk
by Bill Thompson

I love this clever book – and it is beautifully drawn. There are no words, but the pictures tell the story of a group of young kids who discover a bag of sidewalk chalk at the playground. The kids soon discover this magic chalk makes their drawings come to life. I had our group of Wiggleworms read the book to me – which they were delighted to do. Younger ones needed some specific direction via questions, but the almost 5 crowd was REALLY good at retelling the story! Continue reading

Wiggleworms – Sweets & Treats!

I am behind in posting what we’ve been up to!  This week we are celebrating yummy stuff!  Considering how much candy we all got last weekend and how holiday preparations will soon include a lot of baking, I decided a sweet theme was in order!

To start off our day the Wiggleworms sang our Opening Song, where we said hi to the librarian, the books, the trampoline across the street, and our Story Time friends and siblings.

BOOK: Cupcake
by Charise Mericle Harper



Sweet sweet story about a vanilla cupcake who feels plain until she finds a candle friend. The kids thought this book was hysterical. When the squirrel jumped on top of the cupcake I wasn’t sure we’d be able to regain control, but they eventually settled down because they couldn’t wait to find out what happened. Illustrations are fun! Continue reading