Songs for a Snowy Morning!

I got to visit KINDERGARTEN MUSIC CLASS this week, where I learned two delightful new wintery songs! Thank you to the wonderful students and staff at Goodnoe Elementary!

Enjoy the snow. Remember, if CRSD schools are ever CLOSED or DELAYED then there is no Story Time… though I think this snow is going to be pretty much melted by the time Wednesday rolls around, so I am sure we’ll be fine for this week!

I Have a Little Snowman

I have a little snowman,
He is so big and round,
I made him from a snowball,
I rolled upon the ground,
I gave him eyes and nose and mouth,
A nice warm scarf of red,
I put some buttons on his coat,
A hat upon his head!

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(Melting) Snowmen!

Loads of snow in our area this week!  We don’t usually get very good packing snow, but we did in the first of this week’s snowstorms and there are lots of snowmen around town!  I love it!  Now we are having a little warm up… which is leading to a LOT of MELTING SNOWMEN!  First we sang our Opening Song, where we said hi to the librarians, the snowmen and our Story Time friends.

BOOK: Snowballs
by Lois Ehlert


Adorable snow people are created out of a variety of foods, fabrics and natural items.  Cute story about snowmen, snow-women, snow-dogs, snow-cats, snow-kids! Of course the sun comes out at the end of the book, and you know what that means!

Song: “First the Snowpants” (Tune: Clementine)

First the snowpants,
Then the snowsuit,
Then the jacket and the hat,
And the mittens go on last so we can go outside to play!

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