Itsy Bitsy Songs & Rhymes about SUMMER!

Here are the songs and rhymes we will be using in the month of JULY!

Finger Rhyme: Here is My Garden

Here is my garden, (palm out flat)
I rake it with care,
(use other hand to rake the garden)
And then some flower seeds,
(plant seeds)
I’ll plant in there.
The sun will shine,
(shimmy hand over the garden hand)
And the rain will fall,
(make fingers rain on garden)
And up grows my garden,
(place opposite elbow on garden)
Straight and tall!
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Flannel Friday – How Will We Get to the Beach?

This week our Wiggleworms Story Time theme was the BEACH!

I found this really sweet book and thought it would make a great flannel story:

How Will We Get to the Beach?
A Guessing-Game Story
By Brigitte Luciani
Illustrated by Eve Tharlet

How will we get to the beach

Roxanne is bringing 5 things to the beach, but when her car won’t start… so she tries to get to the beach on a variety of different modes of transportation but one item can’t or won’t go on each different vehicle – but which item is missing?!?

The book is adorable in and of itself, but the flannel version was a huge hit!:

Here is my version of Roxanne, her baby, umbrella, book, beach ball and pet turtle (all felt and puffy paint with some yarn hair):


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