Songs for a Snowy Morning!

I got to visit KINDERGARTEN MUSIC CLASS this week, where I learned two delightful new wintery songs! Thank you to the wonderful students and staff at Goodnoe Elementary!

Enjoy the snow. Remember, if CRSD schools are ever CLOSED or DELAYED then there is no Story Time… though I think this snow is going to be pretty much melted by the time Wednesday rolls around, so I am sure we’ll be fine for this week!

I Have a Little Snowman

I have a little snowman,
He is so big and round,
I made him from a snowball,
I rolled upon the ground,
I gave him eyes and nose and mouth,
A nice warm scarf of red,
I put some buttons on his coat,
A hat upon his head!

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Itsy Bitsy February!

Here are the songs and rhymes we are playing with this month!

Finger Rhyme: “My Heart”

I put my hands together, (put palms together, fingers up)
This is how I start,
I curve my fingers right around, (curl fingertips of each hand toward each other to form heart shape)
And I can make a HEART!
This is my heart,
It goes beat, beat (clap hands on the word “beat”)
It pumps the blood when I’m asleep (rest head on hands)
It pumps the blood when I jump up and down, (jump!)
It pumps the blood when I run around, (slap hands on knees)
It pumps the blood when I move my feet, (stomp feet)
It pumps the blood when I tip-toe to my seat! (Sh finger)
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Itsy Bitsy Songs & Rhymes for August 2014

This month our theme will be BABIES & BIG KIDS! We’ll be reading about BABIES and growing up and becoming a big brother sister and going to PRESCHOOL!  Here are the songs and rhymes we will be using with this theme! Enjoy!

Finger Rhyme: “Wink, Wink”

Make one eye go wink, wink, wink,
Make two eyes go blink, blink, blink.
Make two fingers stand just so,
Then ten fingers all in a row!
Back and forth your head will rock
And your knees can knock, knock, knock.
Now stretch and make a yawn so wide,
and drop your hands down to your sides.
Close your eyes and help me say,
Our very quiet word today:

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