Three Sisters Flannel Board

This week Wiggleworms Story Time focused on Thanksgiving!  One of our books briefly mentioned how the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to farm by growing corn, beans and squash together.  Because each helps the other to grow and they all grow together these vegetables were called “the three sisters. ” We talked about how the corn supports the beans and shelters the squash while the beans enrich the soil while supporting the corn stalk and the squash prevents weeds from growing around the corn and beans.

Next we sang part of Joanne Shenandoah’s “Corn Beans & Squash” from the album All Spirits Sing:

3 sisters album

Squash grows on the bottom,
Beans grow all around,
Corn reaches high,
Three sisters in a mound.

Squash is heavy,
Corn is lean,
And beans grow in between!

We sang the song again and made up a little dance – we squatted for squash, turned in a circle for the line about beans and joined our hands over our heads to look like corn on the lines about corn.  So much fun and we got to move a bit while we learned something new!

(The tune is available on iTunes and a variety of free listening sites too!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Individual felt pieces:

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