Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

In honor of the opening of the MLB season we celebrated BASEBALL today in Wiggleworms Story Time!

First we sang our  Opening Song. Today we said hello to our volunteer librarian, Ms. Karolyn (our librarian) and our Story Time friends as well as the books!

BOOK: Goodnight Baseball
by Michael Dahl
illustrated by Christina Forshay

Goodnight Baseball

This is a very simple book with adorable illustrations showing the day in the life of a young boy going to a ball game with his Dad. Continue reading

Flannel Friday – Duck Memory Matching Game

This week we played a game of Memory as part of our Chicks and Ducks and Bunnies (oh my!) Story Time.

When our Story Time friends arrive they were asked to write their name on a circle of paper which we attached to our spinner.  This was what we used to decide who got to go next.

On each turn the child playing got to pick two ducks by number. I turned the requested ducks around to reveal a shape on the back of each duck. If the shapes on the backs of the ducks matched the ducks were removed from the board.  If the shapes on the backs of the ducks did not match they were turned back around. On each turn we discussed if the shapes/colors matched and if there wasn’t a match, I  repeated the shapes and colors we had revealed (for example, “OK, try to remember that number one is a green triangle and number twelve is a white moon.”  Then the player ended his/her turn by getting to spin the spinner (SO FUN) to pick the next player. (I removed the names as the kids got a turn so everyone had an equal chance and when all the matches had been found I reset the board for another round.)

Our ducks, game board and spinner with names attached on the colored circles (we used pencil so it is hard to see the names in the photo!):


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