Flannel/Magnet/Marker Board

A How To…

So I really wanted to try out flannel board stories in Wiggleworms Story Time.  Of course I went to the web.  I found lots of how-to instructions that were great, but then I also saw that some Story Times use magnet boards.  Oh and some of these stories might be fun if you could DRAW too (not that I can draw all that well, but still!)

After much though (way too much thought) I came up with an EASY and CHEAP way to get all three in one not too big/heavy place.


Here’s what I did…


1. I found this magnetic marker board at AC Moore.  (Joann Fabrics and Michael’s both had the same board, but AC Moore had the best price.) Yes, I used a coupon and after the 40% discount it cost about $7.

2. I bought a large square of white felt from Michael’s with a coupon – cost about $3

3. When I got home I traced the outline of the outer most edge of the marker board onto the felt and then I cut it out.


4. I cut the remaining felt into sections that could be pieced inside the BACK of the marker board to fill the gap between the back of the board and the plastic frame.  I glued each layer down with a big glue stick.  This used up most of the glue stick and was a bit mess, but it stuck well and didn’t leave any lumps like hot glue would. After inserting and gluing 3 layers I was ready to add the top, outside, feltboard layer.


5. I covered the top padding layer with one more coat of glue stick and carefully lined up the feltboard layer on top of the glue.  Then I used my hot glue gun to secure the edges to the plastic frame.



All told it took me about 45 minutes, with many, many interruptions from my kids!  Easily could have finished this in 15 min. if I had been willing to wait for a school day!

2 thoughts on “Flannel/Magnet/Marker Board

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