Flannel Friday – Boxes!

Flannel Story: Not a Box by Antoinette Portis not a box

I have loved this simple book for a long time and have been trying to figure out how to make it into a flannel story.  I saw some amazing ideas online using boxes and puppets – which I may copy in the future, but I wanted to use what I had on hand!!  I thought felt might be a little bulky and would involve a lot of cutting and puffy paint, and how would we see the outline of the box?

I have used milk filters in my computer printer in the past but didn’t see how I could copy these pages and maintain the idea of the story – seeing both the box and the bunny.  Next I tried to use markers on the milk filters but the lines bled and it was a mess.

It hit me maybe I could use crayons on the milk filters and VOILA!  The crayons worked great for this particular story and  made this a super simple project – I just traced the imaginary images right out of the book.  My little bunny is felt with puffy paint and my box is a piece of a box with velcro on the back. P1090780P1090776P1090777P1090781 This set is for an upcoming Wiggleworms Story Time about BOXES! For an interactive story extension I have cut out several shapes with my milk filter scraps so the kids can take turns creating new imaginary uses for the box.  (This was based Story Time Katie’s idea – thanks!  http://storytimekatie.com/2012/01/06/flannel-friday-boxes/) P1090789 My castle…. P1090790 My 3 y.o. made a go-cart!

8 thoughts on “Flannel Friday – Boxes!

    • That is a funny story! I tried to find them at farm supply stores in my area but everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Not many cows in Bucks County PA. Apparently you used to be able to get them online, but I couldn’t find anyone who would ship them. My parents live in Wisconsin though – and they found them at a store called Farm ‘n Fleet. Less than $20 for the box and since they were coming East for a visit I didn’t have to pay shipping! (Dad reported Menards had some too but they were pricier!) Good luck and please share if you find a place to get them!!

      • I am not sure how they compare to milk filters, but I loved your idea and used large coffee filters, the kind I had on hand from making snowflakes.

        I used a red felt tip pen for tracing, it bled a little, but not much, and it stuck to the felt board.

      • Awesome! I couldn’t get coffee filters to stick to my felt board – I wonder if different brands work better? (Mine are from the dollar store, maybe I should sneak a few of my husbands!?!) The milk filters are incredible, it is a shame they are so hard to find! Milk filters can be cut to paper size and run through a printer too, so they are worth checking out!

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