Flannel Friday – Family BINGO!

This week at Wiggleworms Story Time we tried something new – BINGO!  I was a little nervous – I knew some kids would probably need a little help to play the game. Most had a basic understanding of the game and a lot of grown-up helpers were around to guide the younger kids.

In preparation for Thanksgiving our theme this week was about Families, and we talked a lot about who was in our family, and who might join us to celebrate turkey day.  I found this great free clip-art at Clker.com and made up a bunch of different Bingo cards with faces and simple word descriptions in each square.  My group is not huge, usually about 15-20 kids, and is made up of mostly pre-readers with a couple of very early readers mixed in.  I also made a large image of each face, laminated these pieces and attached them to magnets to display on my flannel/magnet/marker board.

Bingo Card

First we went through who each face represented, then we did a quick review of how BINGO works with a demonstration on the magnet board and explained the “FREE” space.  Each kid got a card and a handful of BINGO chips (crayons, markers or real BINGO markers would work great too – but I wanted to try to reuse the game boards!)

I put all of the laminated faces into a bag and pulled them out one at a time to show the group.  I displayed each image I called on the marker board so I would not be barraged with questions about which pieces had been called and also to help my younger Wiggle Worms visualize the image/word they were looking for.

I told the kids up front we would only play two rounds.  We had multiple winners in each round, but they were so excited to shout BINGO they didn’t seem to mind!  The kids were eager to help with the clean up and it went very smoothly (I was a little surprised at HOW smoothly!)

This was a ton of fun and a nice way to switch it up a little!  I will definitely use this idea again!

Here is the .pdf file of the cards and magnet pieces: FamilyBingo

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