Newtown holds a wonderful Arbor Day celebration every year at Brain S. Gregg Memorial Park at 130 N. Chancellor St..  Arbor Day is today – April 25th. The fun begins at 10 a.m. and all are welcome!  Please come join us, munch on an apple, sing some recycling songs and HUG A TREE, and come visit me over in the Chalk Drawing RAIN FOREST!

In honor of Arbor Day we had Story Time all about TREES this week. In our Opening Song, we said hi to the librarian, the books, our library friends and the TREES!

BOOK: A Tree is Nice
by Janice May Udry
illustrated by Marc Simont

tree is nice

I remember this book from my own childhood.  The 1957 Caldecott winner, this gentle narrative with gorgeous pictures gives a very nice overview of trees, their usefulness and beauty. Continue reading


Flannel Friday – Happy Arbor Day!

Newtown, PA thows one heck of an Arbor Day celebration!  If you want to come on over and check it out it is on Friday, April 25, 2014 at the Brian S. Gregg Memorial Park at 30 N. Chancellor St. in the Boro.  The fun begins at 10 a.m. and it is open to the public.   Please come visit me in the CHALK DRAWING RAIN FOREST! More information can be found at Newtown Patch!

To get ready for our celebration the Wiggleworms had a Story Time all about Trees this week, including trees in the RAIN FOREST!

Here is our flannel rain forest:


Continue reading


Wiggleworms Story Time – FALL!

I love FALL!  We sang our Opening Song and looked at some HUGE leaves I found on my walk over to the Library today!

BOOK: Leaves in Fall by Martha Rustad

Leaves in Fall

Very simple, age-appropriate, non-fiction book about fall leaves.  Gorgeous large photos and easy text.

GAME CUBE!- check out the link to these fun songs we pick by rolling our Game Cube dice!

This week the dice rolled to “Grow a Bananna” – always a hit!!

BOOK: Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert


I got so lucky!  I reserved this book in our local public library through the online system and was given the GI-HUGE-ENOR-MIC copy!  The kids always love these big-size books, and this book is especially delightful at three times the size of the regular edition.  Tells the story of a sugar maple tree from the time it is planted until it sheds its leaves in fall.

SONG: “All the Leaves are Falling Down” (To the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down”)

(Make hands flutter like falling leaves on this verse)
All the leaves are falling down,
Falling down, falling down,
All the leaves are falling down,
Falling down, it’s fall.

(Hands continue fluttering on this verse and land on your head!)
Some are yellow and some are red,
Some are red, some are red,
Some are yellow and some are red,
Leaves fall on my head!

(Pretend to rake leaves on this verse:)
Take the rake and rake them up,
Rake them up, rake them up,
Take the rake and rake them up,
Rake them up, it’s fall!

(Jump in to the pile you made!)
Make a pile and jump right in,
Jump right in, jump right in,
Make a pile and jump right in,
Jump right in, it’s fall!



Apple Counting

I borrowed this design from the amazing librarians at Let the Wild Rumps Start (


The kids always love getting to put something up on the flannel board, but this group was a little young for the the counting and matching and number recognition. I made this felt set so that I could use it for either numbers or letters:


The letter set idea was borrowed from here:

Note to self – next time try the letter song instead if the group has a lot of younger 3s!

SHUFFLE DANCE: Check out our dance list here!

The iPod chose Jim Gill’s Can’t Wait to Celebrate which was a ton of fun!  (LOVE Jim Gill!)

BOOK: Apples Here! by Will Hubbell

apples here

This book shows the seasonal cycle of an apple tree.  The first few pages show a bare apple tree in winter and say “There are apples here.” Which the kids thought was hilarious because you can’t SEE any apples on the trees.  The text explains the apples are hidden and waiting in the buds of the branches.  In spring the drawing shows apple blossoms, in the summer leafy full trees and again the kids are confused.  They were SO excited when the apples showed up on the page for fall!

CRAFT:  Leaf Stamping

Since this craft has a small mess-potential and requires a table surface, not a carpet square, I had the kids practice tip-toeing out of our story-time room, through the library and into the children’s area where we can use a table.  This was so much fun and the kids LOVED trying to be quiet as we moved through the library!  I will use this idea more often!


This craft turned out beautifully!  Every kid had a gorgeous picture to take home and they were all able to do this independently.



B&W tree image printed on cardstock
Ink pads in fall colors (I recommend Hampton Art Ultra Washable)
Bottle lid stampers with leaf shapes


The black and white tree drawing can be downloaded free from here:

(The file is huge because it is intended as a high quality wedding keepsake.  Since we didn’t need the high quality and my laptop couldn’t handle the size of the file I simply copied the image as a .jpg and then printed it.  Worked great and the quality was still excellent.)

We used bottle lid stampers that I made from recycled bottle lids and foam leaf shapes.  I got the self-stick shapes from Michaels:


And attached them to recycled and washed bottle lids from home:


This was an easy, not-too-messy independent craft!  Kids and grown-ups all liked it!

I got the idea for bottle lid stampers from here:

Closing Rhyme & Song

How it Went:

This was a fun theme and the kids seemed to enjoy it!  One big lesson learned – the kids loved going back to the table area and tip-toeing through the library, but I should have ended Wiggleworms Story Time in the craft area instead of trying to get the kids back to the story time room.  They were done and now were carrying their crafts.  As soon as they saw their grown-ups they wanted to share their crafts.  Next time we’ll do our goodbyes wherever we do our craft!