Wacky Wednesday Deux!

We’re back! Thank you for your patience! A few weeks ago we held our second Wacky Wednesday program! So fun! 

Our weekly activities include: Opening Song, GAME CUBE!, BANANA BREAK!!! and Closing Rhyme & Song

And here is what we did for Wacky Wednesday Deux!

BOOK: Chalk
by Bill Thompson

I love this clever book – and it is beautifully drawn. There are no words, but the pictures tell the story of a group of young kids who discover a bag of sidewalk chalk at the playground. The kids soon discover this magic chalk makes their drawings come to life. I had our group of Wiggleworms read the book to me – which they were delighted to do. Younger ones needed some specific direction via questions, but the almost 5 crowd was REALLY good at retelling the story! Continue reading


5 Year Old Author from Newtown!

Ghosts Don’t Have Noses
by Claudia Franz
illustrated by Molly Smith


This book was written by 5 year old Claudia who is a friend of ours from Itsy Bitsy Story Time! Claudia started writing this book when she was 3. Her Dad told me the idea for the book came about after Claudia made the Peek-a-Boo Pop-Up Ghost Craft at Story Time. Ghosts Don’t Have Noses explains some of the things ghosts do and don’t do. For example, did you know ghosts don’t wear purple pajamas?!? The board book text is charming and the simple black and white drawings are delightful. It is a very funny book! Claudia recently visited Wiggleworms Story Time to read the story to our preschool group. The other kids were in awe and really enjoyed it!

Claudia is having a book launch party this Saturday, February 7, 2015 from 2-5 pm at Jess’s Juice Bar, 23 Church St. in Lambertville, NJ. 


She will also have a books signing at the Newtown Library Company later this spring! We will post details here as soon as the plans are settled.

Claudia donated a copy of her book to the Newtown Library Company! Thank you! If you are interested in purchasing a copy for yourself please visit her website ghostsdonthavenoses.com for ordering information.


Itsy Bitsy Fall Crafts

Here are the crafts we made in Itsy Bitsy Story Time in October:

Fall Leaf Stamping


The directions for this beautiful (and easy!) project can be found here. Continue reading