2017 Wiggleworms Story Time Mock Caldecott Awards

The Wiggleworms have been busy reading our short list for the 2017 Caldecott Awards. We will be voting this week! Check back soon for our winner!

Here are the nominees for this year’s Newtown Library Company Mock Caldecott Award:

The Most Perfect Snowman
written and illustrated by Chris Britt

Beautiful story about kindness with delightful and moving illustrations.

The Airport Book
written and illustrated by Lisa Brown

Visual and informative guide for young children about what happens when you travel on an airplane. Would b e very useful as a Social Story for new travelers.

Du Iz Tak?
written and illustrated by Carson Ellis

Funny and whimsical story written completely in ‘Insect.’

A Hungry Lion
written and illustrated by Carson Ellis

Hysterical and savvy with multiple twists. A look at what happens when a hungry lion encounters a large group of small animals.

The Night Gardener
written and illustrated by The Fan Brothers

Gorgeous artwork highlights a simple and moving story about how one person can change a community.

Penguin Problems
written by Jory John, illustrated by Lane Smith

A grumpy penguin airs his grievances. The pictures are as funny and complicated as penguin life apparently is!

We Found a Hat
written and illustrated by Jon Klassen

Amusing follow up to the very popular This is not My Hat (2013 Caldecott Award) and I Want My Hat Back (2012 Geisel Award).

School’s First Day of School
written by Adam Rex, illustrated by Christian Robinson

Delightful story showing the fist day of school from the perspective of the school building itself.

Samson in the Snow
written and illustrated by Phillip C. Stead

Another simple but very moving story about friendship and kindness. The use of color in this book is absolutely stunning.

They All Saw a Cat
written and illustrated by Brendan Wenzel

How do other animals see and perceive the same cat? Brilliant and clever artwork bring this story to life.

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