Summer Book Club: Booked by Kwame Alexander

This week Summer Book Club met to discuss Booked by Kwame Alexander.


Alisa Myles and Anne McKernan lead the book talk. For a list of the questions developed for this discussion please click here. Of course we couldn’t get to every question in one night… but this book would make a fabulous extended literature unit!

Writing Activities:

Links lead to worksheets!

  • Spine Poetry – poetry created using book titles – stack the books to form the poem:


  • Blackjack Poetry – 3 lines of 7 syllables each for a total of 21 syllables (Blackjack poetry worksheet)
  • Acrostic Poetry – use letters of a topic word as the first letter of each line (Acrostic Poetry Worksheet)
  • Blackout Poetry – (also called Found Poetry) – using newspaper articles or pages from old books, select words to create a poem and blackout the rest of the words with a maker or crayon – or simply circle the words you have ‘found’ to create the poem.


  • Exquisite Corpse Poetry – group writing project! Choose a topic. Have each participant write one sentence, then fold over the paper so the next participant cannot see what was already written. Reveal the poem after everyone has had a turn.


Nick was as skilled at words as he was at soccer.
I liked the story line.
Booked was good because it had things like footnotes and is a book of words. Two things Nick hates!
I really liked how it was written in poems and involved a cool librarian!
Libraries, books and soccer are three of my favorite things!
It is neat.
Booked got me reading and I loved it.
Book clubs read Booked.


Here are some of the fabulous poems created by our group:


Spine Poem:
Oh Look!
The Little Green Witch,
King of the Fish,
Curious George,
Creepy Carrots,
Ladybug Girl,
Little Red Riding Hood,
The Doorbell Rang,
Halloween Night.

Spine Poem:
I Want My Hat Back.
Where’s Waldo?
You will be my Friend.
What Time is It?
It’s Christmas David.
Good night Goon,
Our tree named Steve,
Fox in Socks,
Indian Summer.

Acrostic Poem – Countries:
Saudi Arabia
Really, am I doing this?

Please join us 8/17/2016 to discuss The Trial by Jen Bryant. For more information please visit The Newtown Library Company!


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