Songs for a Snowy Morning!

I got to visit KINDERGARTEN MUSIC CLASS this week, where I learned two delightful new wintery songs! Thank you to the wonderful students and staff at Goodnoe Elementary!

Enjoy the snow. Remember, if CRSD schools are ever CLOSED or DELAYED then there is no Story Time… though I think this snow is going to be pretty much melted by the time Wednesday rolls around, so I am sure we’ll be fine for this week!

I Have a Little Snowman

I have a little snowman,
He is so big and round,
I made him from a snowball,
I rolled upon the ground,
I gave him eyes and nose and mouth,
A nice warm scarf of red,
I put some buttons on his coat,
A hat upon his head!

Watch him as he melts to the ground!

Each of the first 8 lines in this song ascends one note of a musical scale (just like do, re, mi, fa, so…) and the kids start crouched on the floor and slowly rise to standing. On the last line descend the scale and melt back to the ground!

The Mitten Song:

Thumb in the thumb place,
Fingers all-together,
This is the song we sing in mitten weather!

Thumb in the the thumb place,
Fingers NOT together,
This is the song we sing in glove weather!

AND – just in case anyone is looking to help kids get dressed to play in the snow, here is an Itsy Bitsy favorite:

First the Snowpants!

First the snowpants,
Then the snowsuit,
Then the jacket and the hat,
And the mittens go on last so we can go outside to play!

(Repeat faster and faster!)

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