Happy Birthday Flannel Friday!

To celebrate Flannel Friday’s 4th Birthday I am hosting a guest post from fellow flannel friend Katie. This adorable flannel story is going to the top of my to-do pile! Thank you to Katie for the delightful post and for introducing me to these cute books. Thank you to Flannel Friday for all of your awesomeness. To find out more about Flannel Friday check out our blog, Pinterest Boards and Facebook Page. This week’s Guest Post Palooza Birthday Roundup is being hosted by Mollie at What Happens in Storytime…

And without further ado, here’s Katie:

Hi!  My name is Katie and I am a Youth Services Librarian in the Chicago-land area.  Flannel Friday has inspired some great programming ideas for me, so I wanted to be able to return the favor as part of the Flannel Friday Birthday Celebration.  Thank you to Anne for generously hosting my post on her blog!  I hope that I do itsybitsymom justice 🙂

 This flannel set is based on the board book Slow Snail, by Mary Murphy.  The simple text and bold pictures were just begging to be turned into a flannel story.  ​With spring (hopefully!) just around the corner, this is an awesome story to include in a spring, insect, or backyard animal theme.

 ​The snail slowly slides down her flower and slowly travels over, under and through a variety of obstacles.  The best part?  The embossed silver trail she leaves throughout her journey!  It’s impossible to resist tracing the swirling, curling line as it winds across the pages.
For the flannel version of the story, I used white yarn for the snail’s trail, tucked into a pocket in the snail’s shell.  The yarn was previously used for knitting practice, so unraveling it gave the yarn a cool, wavy look.  Sparkle yarn or a small box of dental floss could also work as a super cool and easy-to-deploy snail trail.
​ After the snail slowly goes down her flower, over a stone, through a boot, under a stick, along a bottle, in and out of a brick….
….she arrives just in time to join her friend for dinner!   The second snail is purple and kind of a yellow-ish green in the book, but I thought purple and red would stand out better against the lettuce-leaf background.
If you like  Slow Snail, check out the companion Quick Duck to find out where Duck is going in such a hurry.  Opposite theme….done.  Thanks Mary Murphy!  And Happy Birthday, Flannel Friday!  🙂 Katie
Next Week’s host:  Laura at La La La Library




9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Flannel Friday!

  1. Snail slime! Flannel is such a great medium!! Thanks for sharing this, your snails are great Katie. I hope we’ve inspired you to start your own storytime blog!!

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