Wiggleworms – Sweets & Treats!

I am behind in posting what we’ve been up to!  This week we are celebrating yummy stuff!  Considering how much candy we all got last weekend and how holiday preparations will soon include a lot of baking, I decided a sweet theme was in order!

To start off our day the Wiggleworms sang our Opening Song, where we said hi to the librarian, the books, the trampoline across the street, and our Story Time friends and siblings.

BOOK: Cupcake
by Charise Mericle Harper



Sweet sweet story about a vanilla cupcake who feels plain until she finds a candle friend. The kids thought this book was hysterical. When the squirrel jumped on top of the cupcake I wasn’t sure we’d be able to regain control, but they eventually settled down because they couldn’t wait to find out what happened. Illustrations are fun!

Rhythm Stick Songs/Chants:

Tap Your Sticks (Tune: “Are you Sleeping”)

Tap your sticks,
Tap your sticks,
One, two, three,
One, two, three.
Can you tap your sticks,
Can you tap your sticks,
Just like me,
Just like me?
Tap your sticks,
Tap your sticks,
Way up high,
Way up high,
No-w bend down,
No-w bend down,
Tap the ground,
Tap the ground!

(Source:  Jean Warren)

Bread and Butter

Bread and butter,
Marmalade and Jam
Let’s tap our sticks as nice as we can…

… as fast as we can…
… as slow as we can…
… as high as we can…
… as low as we can…

(Source: Thank you Jbrary for another fun rhyme!)

Oh He’s a Very Good Tapper! (Tune: “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”)
Oh, he’s a very good tapper,
He’s a very good tapper,
He’s a very good tapper,
Which nobody can deny!
Which nobody can deny,
Which nobody can deny,
Oh, he’s a very good tapper,
Which nobody can deny!

(Replace the word “he’s” with the name of each child in the circle.)

(Source: Jean Warren)


BOOK: Trouble Gum
by Matthew Cordell

trouble gum

Very silly and sticky book about the trouble with bubble gum!  Kids thought this was funny too.  The illustrations are very small, so not the best choice for a big group, but it worked just fine with our group this week.

GAME CUBE!- check out the link to these fun songs we pick by rolling our Game Cube dice!


Flannel Board Story:
This is the Cake that Mack Ate
by Rose Robart
illustrated by Maryann Kovalski
cake that mack ate

Kids had fun joining in with this repetitive story following the format of The House that Jack Built. The ending was a huge hit! For more details on this activity please see my Flannel Friday post!

BOOK: Little Pea
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

little pea

I love all fo Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s kids books, and this is no exception. Ever wonder what Peas eat for dinner?  Candy!  Imagine, if you can, eating candy 3 meals a day every day… would you like candy? Another very fun surprise ending had everyone laughing.


Check out our crazy new weekly movement break here!


Bubble Gum Portraits

Materials send home: Cardstock oval and balloon. I didn’t get a good photo of my son’s self-portrait, but…

I found this adorable craft here:  http://theteacherwife.blogspot.com/2011/11/bubble-gum-fun-writing-and-math.html


Closing Rhyme & Song

How it Went:

Another well behaved group! I think everyone enjoyed the sweet books and had a lot of fun.  Extra props to EVERYONE who followed the rules for using rhythm sticks! (Whew!)

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