Flannel Friday – One of These Things!

This was a super easy and super FUN activity for my Wiggleworms Wacky Wednesday Story Time!

You could use existing flannel/magnet pieces for this game, or find free clipart like I did. For each round you need four images. If you want the images I used (all from clker.com) check out the link at the end of the post.

Remember the old Sesame Street jingle One of These Things is Just Like the Other?

There are several different versions out there… Google it for more variations… the one I remembered is:

One of these things is not like the other,
Which one is different?
Do you know?
Guess which thing is not like the other,
And I’ll tell you if it is so!

We played about 6 rounds, starting with with easier concepts and moving on to puzzles that could have multiple correct answers. AWESOME conversations came out of this activity! Could easily be shortened or lengthened for the size/age of your group, or could be a weekly one round game. Difficulty level is also easily adjusted for different ages – since I had kids who were *almost* three through *almost* seven I went for progressively more intricate rounds.

So, we started with size:

and moved on to color:

round 3 was about letter and number recognition:

this next round involved a discussion about healthy foods vs. treats:

The last 2 rounds were a little tougher because there was more than one possible correct answer. In this round the kids immediately said the girl is upside down, but then one Wiggleworm suggested the picture of the man who is bald was different, some said he wasn’t the same because he is wearing glasses. Others felt the woman is the correct answer because she had blonde hair, another thought the boy because he has short hair.


This final round made for the best discussions:

Some said the bird is different since it flies, others pointed to the giraffes because there are 2 giraffes in the picture. The elephant is the only animal with a trunk, and the cow is the only animal found on a farm.

It was so great to hear the kids justifying their answers!

Totally fun, totally easy, totally do-able last minute and could be used for a huge variety of themes!

Link to the pictures I used: OneoftheseThings…Game


Flannel Friday is being hosted by Kathryn at Fun with Friends at Storytime this week!

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