6 thoughts on “15 Ways to Find 15 Minutes to READ!

  1. There were some excellent suggestions there for reading short picture books and misc. things while out and about, but I have to say, I’m still a big fan of a 15-min. (or whatever longer stretch) for longer stories and more focused, shared “snuggle” time. It’s a lot more important than worrying about doing things like watching TV! 🙂 Thanks, Anne 😀

    • Absolutely! Me too! But not everyone finds it easy to sit down for a stretch to read to their kids, and some kids have an easier time sitting for a stretch than others too! Much as our family values it and makes time for it not every family does – according to readaloud.org only 48% of kids in this country are read to on a daily basis – Great article on Upworthy today about language and brain grown 0-3 http://www.upworthy.com/why-talking-to-babies-is-an-investment-worth-making-dont-believe-me-watch-and-learn?c=ufb2

      • You know, Anne, I get that maybe you can’t do it every night, but I was as busy as any other parent when my son was little and I read to him pretty much every night and was never overly strict about how many or how long. Yes, at a certain point it really must be “lights out,” but to me, it was an opportunity to share something that couldn’t be shared any other way. We recently had a discussion at our writer’s conference at the lunch table at which I brought up the subject of longer texts in picture books because they want short, shorter and shortest ALL the time. One mother said “I know I’m a ‘bad’ mother ’cause I don’t want to read my daughter’s favorite looooong book at bedtime.” So then read it at another time or split it into two readings or whatever. Or say “this one just once a week.” Whatever. I don’t know. I just have very strong feelings about this (and a lot of other things! lol)

        Going to read that article now. Thanks! 😀

      • I have strong feelings about it too – but reading is not a part of daily life for many families unfortunately. For a family that doesn’t read any increase in reading time is beneficial!

      • That article/video was fascinating! I do remember, years ago, hearing that many things about a child’s development was developed before they were 3 years old! This is more research focusing specifically on this aspect, so, to me—-this shows even THAT MUCH MORE REASON parents need to prioritize and read to their children longer! Wow…

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