Flannel Friday – How Will We Get to the Beach?

This week our Wiggleworms Story Time theme was the BEACH!

I found this really sweet book and thought it would make a great flannel story:

How Will We Get to the Beach?
A Guessing-Game Story
By Brigitte Luciani
Illustrated by Eve Tharlet

How will we get to the beach

Roxanne is bringing 5 things to the beach, but when her car won’t start… so she tries to get to the beach on a variety of different modes of transportation but one item can’t or won’t go on each different vehicle – but which item is missing?!?

The book is adorable in and of itself, but the flannel version was a huge hit!:

Here is my version of Roxanne, her baby, umbrella, book, beach ball and pet turtle (all felt and puffy paint with some yarn hair):


And here are the different vehicles -all traced with crayon onto milk filters. (Confession, I used milk filters because I was running out of time and didn’t have all the right colors of flannel, but they turned out to work great because the different items were still visible behind the milk filters! I love a lucky mistake!)


As I told the story I removed the 5 items between each vehicle and only replaced 4 of the items when I put up the next mode of transportation for Roxanne to try.  The kids had to remember which item was missing. This was a great story that turned into a great game building working memory skills – AND it turned into a great discussion about WHY each item didn’t work with the different scenarios – for example, a book shouldn’t go on a kayak because it might fall in the water, a turtle can’t go on the bus because animals aren’t allowed.

One of my favorite Story Time Friends exclaimed “this is the best story EVER!”

This week Lisa at Libraryland is hosting Flannel Friday!  Thank you!

For more Flannel Friday Fun please visit our blog, Pinterest boards and Facebook group!



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