Flannel Friday – Cowabunga!

This week Wiggleworms Story Time was all about SUPERHEROES!  My group has a pretty huge obsession with Superheroes in general and TMNT in particular….

So we played a little shell game!


I made 2 sets of 6 pieces…


hid them behind 12 numbered shells…


and we took turns trying to find a match.

So much fun and the kids had a blast helping each other remember where the matches were!

Pictured here are Donatello, pizza, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Shredder and Rafael:



I modeled my pieces from the many many TMNT toys and books strewn throughout my entire house:


A small sampling of our TMNT collection. Um, yes, those are paintbrushes!  Apparently Santa forgot to deliver these guys with their extensive weaponry… my 4 y.o. improvised with the one thing he could get to stay in their hands.  Paintbrushes. Not even kidding. And nope, he doesn’t understand why we are all chuckling. 4 y.o.’s are FUNNY!

This week the Storytime Superheroes Dana and Lindsey of Jbrary are hosting Flannel Friday!  Thank you ladies for all you do!  (P.S.  My 4 y.o. son is in love with both of you.)

For more Flannel Friday Fun please visit our blog, Pinterest boards and Facebook group!








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