Flannel Friday – The Stop Light Song

This is a simple little song and ridiculously simple flannel/magnet board game that I made up for my Baby/Toddler Story Time about Opposites.

This 0-3 group meets in a tiny space that has awesome window seats. There is no space to hang/stand a flannel board. I mostly stick to handheld props in this Story Time!

This month we are reading and singing and sharing all about OPPOSITES  and the dozens of spatial concepts toddlers should be starting to understand by the time they turn three.  This song could be used for transportation or color themes too, or just for a FUN game!

Here is the board:


Yup, you just need 3 circles of felt or paper, one red, one yellow, one green.

And here is the song:
This is a song about stop lights,
You can see them all ’round town.
Red’s at the top – and red means STOP!
Green’s at the bottom – and green means GO!
And yellow means please slow down – and be careful too!

We do jazz hands on that last line!

Then I hold up the circles one at a time and we march in place or around the Itsy Bitsy room practicing GO, STOP and SLOW DOWN.

Here is a video my little guy helped me make of the tune:
Stop Light Video image






This week Future Librarian Superhero is hosting the Flannel Friday Roundup. Thank you!

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To join the Flannel Friday discussion please see:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/flannelfridayfun/

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