Flannel Friday Baseball Game!

This week our Wiggleworms Story Time theme was all about BASEBALL to celebrate opening day!

Since we have our Story Time in a VERY small space in a VERY old library full of VERY old books and VERY historic things we cannot really do an activity where any sort of projectile might be used.  I really wanted to play baseball somehow though, and low and behold, my SPINNER came to the rescue.  (I try not to do a spinner activity two weeks in a row because I don’t want the spinner to loose it’s magic, but sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do!)


Our Stadium and Players:


All felt and puffy paint from free clip art!

I used player numbers from local and historical players, which added a dimension for some of my older kids. They could recognize the bigger numbers and we could talk about who wore them – for example Phillie’s 2nd baseman Chase Utley wears #26 and is hugely popular here in the Philadelphia suburbs. The kids instantly knew who the #26 felt piece stood for.  Some of my guys are Yankee’s fans so I included #2 for Derek Jeter. We also used #42 for Jackie Robinson, the first African American MLB player, Babe Ruth #3, etc. You could use any numbers – sequential, doesn’t matter, but I have several baseball fans in my group and this element added to the fun.



We divided into two teams, red and blue. A spin of the spinner determined how the ball was hit. No one was sad to get a strike because it meant spinning AGAIN! The kids then got to move a player around the felt board field. SO MUCH FUN!!

I only made five players on each team and just kept rotating them through the lineup. We played two rounds. When the last base runner had crossed the finish line I asked the kids to help me count how many players had made it home on each team. The score was 5 to 5, a tie, and would you believe they fell for it!  Not a one called me on it much to my relief, and everyone was happy!  Yeah!


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