Spring Books!

Here are the books we read in Itsy Bitsy Story Time in March!

Peek-a-Boo Bunny
by Holly Surplice


Cute story of a group of animal friends playing peek-a-boo only Bunny is so busy looking for his friends he passes them right by.

Red Wagon
by Renata Liwska


red wagon

Eager to play with her new red wagon this sweet little tot is asked to do chores first – but even chores are not dull if you have a great imagination! The wagon is magically turned into a ship, a circus truck, a spaceship and so much more!

Spring is Here
by Taro Gomi

spring is here

Bright and bold simple illustrations along with simple text show us the many wonderful things that appear in spring!

Guess How Much I Love You
by Sam McBratney
illustrated by Anita Jeram

guess how much

This book has become a classic and most of my toddlers were familiar with it. Delightful and amusing story of Little Nutbrown Hare and his father and their love for each other.

by Mary Lyn Ray


Melting snow and spring showers bring MUD! Squishy gooey language and pictures of kids frolicking in the mud make me want to find a puddle and jump in!

Spring Things
by Bob Raczka

illustrated by Judy Stead

spring things

Rhyming celebration of all things SPRING!

If You’re Hoppy
by April Pulley
illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic

if you're hoppy

The kids LOVED this book – and it was a hoot to read aloud. Frolicking illustrations show a variety of animals who hop and the text mimics the popular toddler song and my group (average age about 18 months) caught on immediately to the game.

Kite Day
by Will Hillenbrand

Kite Day

Bear and Mole set off for a day of fun on the perfect ‘kite day.’ When their kite meets its demise they are happy to find their loss was beneficial to others.

Black Rabbit
by Phillipa Leathers

black rabbit

Rabbit is terrified by a black rabbit who appears each time he goes out in the sun. A smidgen scary but ultimately very funny and it is so delightful when kids figure out who exactly the black rabbit is!

10 Little Rubber Ducks
by Eric Carle

10 little rubber ducks

Follow the amazing journey of 10 little rubber ducks from their creation in a factory to being accidentally dropped overboard and finding new homes. Great concept book that is also awesome for counting skills, with gorgeous illustrations and a story based on what Carle imagined might have happened to a real life carton of rubber ducks lost at sea.

Duck on a Bike
by David Shannon

duck on a bike
Another great read aloud! Duck decides to take a bike ride and the rest of the barnyard animals have many opinions on his choice of activity! Great audience participation with animal sounds and repetitive text. Goofy and fun – my favorite kind of book!

Little Ducks Go
by Emily Arnold McCully

little duck go

Sweet story of what happens to a family of ducks when the chicks fall down a storm sewer grate (all ends well!). Lots of quacking!!

by Katie Cox


Rhyming guessing game board book with flaps to reveal baby animals as they hatch from their eggs. Many young kids do not realize reptiles and bids both hatch from eggs, so there are some fun surprises!

Thomas and the Weather
by Rev. W. Awdry

thomas and the weather

Another guessing game board book with lift the flap reveals. This book highlights many different kinds of weather – and ends with a delightful rainbow.

Split! Splat!
by Amy Gibson
illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

split splat

Told mostly in nonsense onomatopoeia – this is the story of a rainstorm from the first few drops to playing in the mud and getting cleaned up after a day of fun.

Hey, Duck!
by Carin Bramsen

hey duck

Hilarity ensues as a baby duck tries to befriend a cat – that he is convinced is really a duck. The voices of these two characters – on joyful and silly and the other disdainful and bored – are perfect!


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