Today the Wiggleworms started with our Opening Song, where we said hi to the librarian, the books, the book shelves our Story Time Friends!

BOOK: Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
by Byron Barton

dinosaurs dinosaurs

Very simple text and pictures gives some nice information about dinosaurs. This group has a couple of kids who are doing a school unit on dinosaurs and they were happily pointing out the ones they knew!

Flannel Story – 5 Dinosaurs

1 dinosaurs went out to play,
Over the hills and far away,
He had such enourmous fun he asked for a Stegasaurus to come!


5 dinosaurs went out to play,
Over the hills and far away,
Mama dinosaur called ROAR ROAR ROAR!
But 4 dinosaurs came running to the door.

4 dinosaurs… etc.

(Source:  Adapted from a rhyme my son learned at Newtown Presbyterian Preschool,
flannel images adapted from Usborne’s That’s Not My… Dinosaurs Coloring Book by Fiona Watt)

BOOK: When Dinosaurs Came with Everything
by Elise Broach

when dinosarus came with everything

This is a funny book!  A young boy and his mom go out to run errands but something strange is happening – every place they go is offering free DINOSAURS! The kids thought this was a riot, and the ending had the grown-ups chuckling too!

GAME CUBE!- check out the link to these fun songs we pick by rolling our Game Cube dice!

GO BANANAS! Always a hit!

BOOK: How Bit was a Dinosaur?
by Anne Milbourne
and Serena Riglietti

how big was a dinosaur

This has been an at home favorite for a long time – cute story about a penguin discovering how big dinosaurs really were.  The BEST part though is the HUGE poster included in a pocked at the end of the book that shows dinosaur sizes compared to houses, busses, etc.

Activity: Dino Footprint

Love this great idea from http://strongstart.blogspot.com/2011/11/dinosaur-feet.html – it took about 20 of our shoes to one dino footprint! (We had a mix of kid and adult shoes!)

SHUFFLE DANCE: Check out our dance list here!

“Song About Slow and Song About Fast”

Bonus Book:
Dinosaur vs. the Library
by Bob Shea

dinosaur vs the library

Much roaring happened during the reading of this fun book!  Wonderful lesson about library voices!

CRAFT:  Paper Plate and Clothespin Dinosaurs

Paper plates – pre cut in half
Extra scraps of paper plate or paper cut into dino tails and heads
Crayons, Markers
Googly eyes

Color the paper plates and then using brads attach tails and heads. Clothespin make the legs

Closing Rhyme & Song

How it Went:

DINO-mite Story Time!  Heavy interest level in dinosaurs with this group!

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