Happy 3rd Birthday Flannel Friday!

Flannel Friday turns 3 today!  In celebration of the many many many fabulous ideas I have lovingly borrowed from Flannel Friday contributors, here are 3 of my favorites that I have copied and had a BLAST sharing with my Story Time groups:

#1 – Caps for Sale

This idea came from the amazing and talented Miss Sue at Library Village. In her version she had crocheted caps! Lacking time and yarn, I borrowed this idea using felt for the caps. I used this as part of a preschool program about Monkeys. The kids had so much fun re-enacting the story with these props. Thank you Miss Sue for the fabulous idea!

Miss Sue’s Version:

Library Village Caps

My Version:


#2 – Melting Snowmen

This ingenious feltboard came from Miss Sarah at Read it Again! An engineering marvel, I was only able to re-create it because of Miss Sarah’s directions and clear photos. THANK YOU! We used this for a Melting Snowmen theme and my preschoolers were in complete AWE!

Miss Sarah’s Version:

Miss Sarah Snowmen

My Version:


#3 – Did You Ever See a Turkey

Another wonderful idea borrowed from Read It Again! courtesy of Miss Sarah. We used this for a Turkey Story Time along with the great tune on her site. It is utterly goofy and completely silly and was so easy and quick to make!  Thanks again Miss Sarah!

Miss Sarah’s Version:

miss sarah turkeys

My Version:


Thank you to all the fabulous folks at Flannel Friday for all of your inspiration and advice!


Anne at So Tomorrow  is hosting the Flannel Friday Birthday Bash! Thank you Anne!

For more information on Flannel Friday please see: http://flannelfridaystorytime.blogspot.com/

For more fabulous Flannel Friday felt fun please see: http://www.pinterest.com/flannelfriday/

To join the Flannel Friday discussion please see:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/flannelfridayfun/

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