Flannel Friday – Hatch

This flannel set is based on the board book Hatch by Katie Cox. Though this book is completely appropriate for preschool, my Wiggleworms group has decided that board books are for babies. The book is very clever – every page offers a different rhyming riddle asking the reader to guess what is in the egg and then lift the flap to hatch the baby animal. Kids automatically think birds (and there are plenty of birds here too) but they don’t think of reptiles, which is a nice surprise. This flannel will be used with our April Story Time about EGGS! Perfect for spring, bird, reptile or Easter themes.

The eggs…
are hatching…
the baby birds and reptiles!

All of the images were taken from free clipart, flannel and puffy paint.

This week Amy at Catch the Possibilities is hosting the Flannel Friday Roundup. Thank you for hosting Amy!

For more information on Flannel Friday please see: http://flannelfridaystorytime.blogspot.com/

For more fabulous Flannel Friday felt fun please see: http://www.pinterest.com/flannelfriday/

To join the Flannel Friday discussion please see:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/flannelfridayfun/

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