I Love Colors – Book List for February

Here are the books we read in February!

Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes
by Eric Litwin
illustrated by James Dean
pete white shoes

One of my all time favorite read alouds EVER!  Pete gets his brand new shoes in all sorts of goo that turns his white shoes all sorts of colors, but does Pete cry?  Goodness NO! Adorable, hilarious, wonderful message and the kids all join in.  What more could you ask for in a picture book?

Mouse Paint
Ellen Stoll Walsh
mouse paint

Three white mice get into a colorful mess and discover what happens when the mix colors together. Perfect for introducing secondary colors!

Dog’s Colorful Day
by Emma Dodd
dogs colorful day

Dog starts the day out with just one black spot but quickly gets colorfully messy as he gets dripped on with jam and paint and so much more. Nice combination of color recognition and counting. (I think I partly enjoy this book because this has happened to our own little white dog!)

Blue Hat, Green Hat
by Sandra Boynton
blue hat green hat

Funny funny book about colors and getting dressed. Kids absolutely love the end when the turkey finally gets his clothing on the right way at the wrong time!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear
What Do You See?

by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle
brown bear

Classic rhyming book with fabulous and big and colorful illustrations. Always a hit at Story Time!

Little White Fish
by Guido van Genechten
little white fish

Our little library is so lucky to have a set of these fabulous board books which are now out of print. Little White Fish has been an Itsy Bitsy favorite for a long time. In this story Little White Fish is looking for his Mommy and finds many different and colorful ocean creatures. Cute as can be, with simple text it is always fun to read this book!

I Love Colors!
by Margaret Miller
i love colors

Simple board book for early color recognition. Photos of adorable baby faces wearing easily recognizable colored items – red bow, blue hat, etc.

Valentine Surprise
by Corinne Demas
illustrated by R. W. Alley
Valentine Surprise

Very sweet story of a preschool girl trying to make a special Valentine for her Mommy. Scissors are hard! Beautiful drawings and a very nice message.

All Kinds of Kisses
Linda Cress Dowdy
illustrated by Priscilla Lamont
all kinds of kisses

This is the perfect snuggle book! It describes all different kinds of kisses – butterfly, sloppy, hand, etc. Simple text and cute illustrations, and everyone kisses their little ones when you read this out loud!

I Love You Through and Through
by Bernadette Rossetti Shustak
Illustrations by Caroline Jayne Church
i love you through and through

My favorite bedtime book because of the simple and beautiful message about unconditional love  – and partly because the sweet drawings remind me so much of my youngest son. Very simple rhyming test.

Big Hugs, Little Hugs
By Felicia Bond
big hugs little hugs

Cute book showing all kinds of hugs – nice use of opposites.

Hug You, Kiss You, I Love You
by Joyce Wen
hug you kiss you

Another very simple board book showing recognizable baby/toddler activities.

2 thoughts on “I Love Colors – Book List for February

    • No! Thank you for the suggestion! I will check it out ASAP! Have you read The Black Book of Colors? I haven’t figured out how to use it in Story Time, but it is gorgeous. Colors are described in Braille with word translations and the pictures depict how the colors feel. Gorgeous book.

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