Today the Wiggleworms started with our Opening Song, where we said hi to the librarian, the historic flags, and of course our Story Time Friends! Someone was worried we forgot to say hello to the books… which was a great lead in for our theme this week!

A few weeks ago I was reading a book to our group and asked “Who here is learning how to read?” and the kids all said they weren’t learning yet… which got me thinking…. then 2 weeks ago a Kindergartener joined our group and read a word or two to the amazement of the younger kids… more thinking ensued and I decided I wanted to celebrate both Read Across America and Read Aloud this week and also empower the Wiggleworms to believe they COULD read (at the level they are at of course) and they ARE learning how to read every day.

BOOK: Reading Grows
by Ellen B. Senisi

reading grows

Thank you to Jane McManus over at mclskids for this great suggestion! Great photos accompany a very nice and simple narrative showing the different steps of reading from infancy through grade school. Led to many great discussions about how in fact, all of the Wiggleworms ARE learning their colors, shapes, letters AND how to read! Yeah!

GAME CUBE!- check out the link to these fun songs we pick by rolling our Game Cube dice!

This week we did Jump Jump Jumping!  Kudos to the grown ups who joined in, especially the pregnant Moms!

Book: I Read Symbols
by Tina Hoban
i read symbols

Fun photo book with no words, only pictures of commonly seen road signs. We skipped through a few of these that aren’t common in our area. ALL of the kids knew the sign for deer crossing! (Very common in our area!)

Magnet Rebus: I Can Read!

P1090950  P1090951
P1090952  P1090954

A rebus is a picture puzzle using icons and pictures to create easily read material. The Wiggleworms learned how to read the rebus and then each got to create one of their own. The kids did a great job with this!! We followed up with reading a whole rebus sentence page!

For more details on this activity and PDF downloads of the magnet board pieces and rebus story please see: Flannel Friday – I Can Read!

Game: Rhyming Box


This was a fun activity, though it was a little tough for some of the younger kids. I found several pairs of objects that rhymed, for example shoe – glue, bell-shell, cat – hat, etc. I put one piece from each rhyming pair in the box and lined up the remaining objects across the table. Each Wiggleworm came up and picked an object out of the box and then tried to find its rhyming pair. Some needed more guidance than others, but all were eager to participate.

BOOK: Brown Bear, Brown Bear,
What Do You See?
by Bill Martin, Jr.
illustrated by Eric Carle

brown bear

This book is a classic and most of the kids this week were familiar with it – which made it the perfect book to emphasize how looking for picture clues and rhymes can help with reading.

SHUFFLE DANCE: Check out our dance list here!

The Shuffle chose “What Does the Fox Say?” and we danced with egg shakers!  SO MUCH FUN!

BOOK: Moo!
by David LaRochelle


For our final book of the day the Wiggleworms read this book to me! There is only one word in the book:  “MOO!” and the picture story of a cow going on a joy ride is hilarious!  After the second page everyone caught on and starting moo-ing! (Thank you to Melissa Zymboly Depper at Mel’s Desk for this awesome suggestion!)

CRAFT:  I Can Read Bookmarks

Hole Punch
ICanReadBookmark (Printable PDF link!)

I pre-cut, punched and tied these bookmarks and the kids colored them.

Closing Rhyme & Song

How it Went:

Overall I think this went well and the kids were intrigued and engaged for the most part. Reading the magnet board rebus sentences was absolutely a hit and I plan to use these again. Reading the page of rebus sentences was harder for the younger kids who had not yet mastered following along left to right or following along with printed text on their own. The grown-ups were a big help in making this activity work! The books were all a hit as well and even the youngest Wiggleworms enjoyed them! Happy Read Aloud Month!


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