Flannel Friday – I Can Read!

I have been playing with the idea of using rebus stories with my preschool Story Time.  This week to kick off Read Aloud Month and also celebrate Read Across America our theme was I Can Read! I decided to give the rebus idea a go!


First we discussed how a rebus worked and practiced reading the sentence “I can read.”

Next we tried reading this:


“I love books about monkeys.”

Next each of the kids got to come up to the magnet board and choose a picture and read the sentence they made out loud.

All of the choices:


HUGE HIT!  The kids loved using the magnet board, loved getting to pick their favorite and loved reading their sentence out loud to the group – the entire group helped everyone read, so even the youngest did just fine with this activity! Since this activity was so successful I plan on making a rebus sentence a part of our weekly program (and I will have the sentences run left to right next time).

Follow-up activity:


I handed out a sheet of four sentences to each kid and we read the whole sheet out loud together. Some of the younger threes who did not have a care-giver present had a little trouble following along but were trying hard and were still engaged. The older kids all caught on right away and were very proud of themselves.

Click here: ICanReadRebusLargePieces for a PDF download of the clip art used for the magnet board.

Click here: ICanReadRebusstory for a PDF download of the rebus reading page.

I got all of the images off of Clker.com.

This week Jenna at Stories with Miss Jenna is hosting the Flannel Friday Roundup. Thank you for hosting Jenna!

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