Valentine’s Day

 Of course we started with our Opening Song, where we said hi to the librarian and our Story Time friends!

BOOK: Valentine Surprise
by Corinne Demas
illustrations by R.W. Alley

Valentine Surprise

Sweet story of a young girl trying to make a Valentine for her Mom. Nice review of days of the week and adorable drawings.  The kids and grownups all thought it was very sweet and we had a nice discussion about how hard it is to learn how to use scissors.

Song: “Skin-a-ma-rin-a-dink!”

I love you!
I love you!
I love you in the morning,
and in the afternoon,
I love you in the evening and underneath the moon,
I love you!

(We used the movements from:

BOOK: Smitten
by David Gordon


Love story about an unlikely and mismatched pair:  Sock and Mitten.  Cute book that has many discussion starters including friendship and acceptance themes. (I also had to make sure my group knew what a laundromat was- they were fascinated!)

Flannel Game-
“Smitten Smatching”


I handed out a sock or mitten to each Wiggleworm and asked they to find another Wiggleworm who matched – a couple of our 4s lead the charge and helped everyone catch on and they all loved getting to come up and put a flannel piece on the board with their ‘smatch.’

GAME CUBE!- check out the link to these fun songs we pick by rolling our Game Cube dice!

This week the cube had us play Ring Around the Rosie!


BOOK: How do Dinosaurs Say I Love You
by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague

Dinos Say I love you

Another great dino book from Yolen and Teague. I know several kids in this group are studying dinosaurs in school so it was the perfect pick for this week.

SHUFFLE DANCE: Check out our dance list here!

I asked the shuffle to pick “Happy” and we danced with EGG SHAKERS!!

Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes
by Eric Litwin
illustrated by James Dean

pete white shoes

Everyone was being SO GOOD and we had a little extra time so I pulled out my all time favorite.  None of the kids knew Pete!  Everyone loved him and it was a very fun way to end Story Time!

CRAFT:  Valentines


Pre-cut red construction paper hearts
foam stickers, stickers, doilies
Glue Stick

The kids decorated traditional Valentines! One little girl gave hers to another Story Time friend – so sweet!!

Closing Rhyme & Song

How it Went:

Great!  Again everyone was so well behaved and did great listening! I am so excited I got to introduce Pete the Cat to everyone!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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