Flannel Friday – ‘Smitten Smatching’

This week we did a traditional Valentine’s Day Story Time theme.
We read this book:

by David Gordon

Very cute story about a mismatched pair of friends which lead to some great discussions.   See the full Valentine Story Time Plan for more details… on to the flannel portion of this post!

Many Flannel Friday posts have done a variation of this and my original plan was to make a set of socks OR mittens to play this game… with the multiple snow days in my area over the last two weeks I have had a LOT of time to play with flannel and copy many of the great ideas I have seen on Flannel Friday, so I made a set of socks AND a set of mittens and mixed them up to go along with this book!

I handed out a flannel piece to each kid and had them find their ‘smatch ‘ The kids had a lot of fun. A few of our younger 3s were helped out by the 4 year olds, which was very sweet. Cute and easy and now I have 3 flannel sets to play with!

Thank you to Miss Meg at missmegsstorytime.com for hosting this week’s Flannel Friday!

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