Itsy Bitsy Books – Let’s MOVE!

This January we are exploring books all about MOVING!

Clap  Your Hands
by Lorinda Bryan Cauley
clap your hands

Rolicking rhyme to a great beat, tons of movement to copy, the kids all joined in and had fun!

Here Are My Hands
by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault
illustrated by Ted Rand

here are my hands

Another cute book with loads of movement suggestions. Also a great review of body parts.  Very fun!

I Touch
by Rachel Isadora

i touch
This is a very simple and sweet read-a-loud. Each page shows a baby touching different things and then describes how they feel or sound or react.  I love that Isadora has included a few reminders of things NOT to touch too!

A Fox Got My Socks
by Hilda Offen

a fox got my socks

Another great participation book! A fun and cute rhyme about dressing – or undressing!

How Do I Put It On
by Shigeo Watanabe
illustrated by Yasuo Ohtomo
how do i put it on

This book is just plain silly, in the best of ways!  An adorably drawn little bear keeps getting mixed up as he puts on his clothing.  Even many of our youngest Itsy Bitsies got a good giggle over his adorable antics.

by Kristine O’Connell George

illustrated by Hiroe Nakata

Cute book showing a day in the lift of a toddler who NEVER stops moving!  Very sweet depiction of a charming father-daughter relationship.

by Shirley Hughes

We could do a whole entire month’s worth of books depicting toddlers jumping on beds! This one is delightful and led to a nice group call-out discussion when showing less than favorable behavior!

Bounce Bounce Bounce
by Kathy Henderson
illustrated by Carol Thompson
bounce bounce bounce

FUN book – of course the subtitle is “A Lap Game Book for Babies” – so we knew it would be fun!  Lots of bouncing on laps and loads of giggles!

Bumpety Bump
by Kathy Henderson
illustrated by Carol Thompson
bumpety bump

Another in the Lap Game Book for Babies series, this is also a ton of fun – a whole book of bouncy horsey rides!  Whee!

by Nick Bruel

I found this book – or maybe it found me – by accident just a few days before Story Time.  It is adorable and I love it!  An eager Mama Kangaroo tries to teach her Joey to bounce but he just can’t get off the ground – she is helped by a whole host of jumping/bouncing animal and insect friends, but it is no use… but WAIT, could it be her baby has too much in his POCKET?!?  A book of very few words, but delightful pictures tell the story with skill and humor.  Fun pop-up surprise at the end made everyone very happy!

Hop Jump
by Ellen Stoll Walsh
hop jump

What magical luck to have one of my favorite Bitsies come into Story Time and show me her toy frog as we began!  This is a great little story about frogs and accepting others who march, dance or hop to their own drummer.  Much more of a story than we usually have in this group, but it worked (the toy frog helped!).

Twinkle Toes
by Karen Katz
twinkle toes

This Touch-and-Feel Board Book is just right for this age group. Rhyming text and tons of interaction, a great way to end our month of books about MOVING!

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