Flannel Friday – Books!

This flannel went with our Books! theme this fall.  Based on the ‘little mouse’ idea…


We chanted “Wiggleworm, Wiggleworm, hiding in a book; Wiggleworm, Wiggleworm, where should we look?”

The first round the kids shouted out colors, the second round they got to come up and pick the book.  So much fun!


This week Fun with Friends at Storytime is hosting Flannel Friday!  Thank you Kathryn!

11 thoughts on “Flannel Friday – Books!

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  3. Hi Anne, I’m writing a round up post on Jbrary and was wondering if I could include one of the pictures from this post. Of course I would give you a shout out and link back to your blog. Let me know if that would be okay with you!

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