Flannel Friday – What’s in the Box?

This week our theme was BOXES! I couldn’t find any rhymes or songs about boxes that I loved, so we played a game instead:

What’s in the Box?

This was a lot of fun!  I had about 15 kids at Wiggleworms Story Time this week – I am not sure how successful it would be with a bigger crowd, unless you just picked a few volunteers, but it was perfect for our group.

First I cut a hole in a rather large shoe box and cut two slightly larger circles out of craft foam :

P1090802 P1090803(Size 13 Men’s sneaker box works great!)

I cut an “X” into the center of each craft foam circle and then used tacky glue to attach one on the outside and one on the inside of the box. I reinforced the outer edges with tape (I used blue tape because my box was blue!)


Next I assembled a wide variety of different objects I thought the kids *might* be able to identify by touch (this was a little tricky – keep your age group in mind but also offer a variety of sizes, textures, etc.)


I kept my objects hidden in a cloth bag and sat the box down with the lid opening toward me and away from the crowd so I could sneak each new item into the box. To make doubly sure no one saw what went into the box we sang the magical eye shutting song to the tune of “London Bridge”:

Everybody close your eyes,
Close your eyes,
Close your eyes,
Everybody close your eyes,
No one is peeking!

The kids came up one at a time, reached in and tried to guess what the object was.  I asked the older kids to try to describe what the object felt like and sometimes prompted with questions like “is it hard or soft?  rough or smooth?” etc.  Of course some of our younger 3s just yanked their object right out, but the other kids were all excited to see what the objects were anyway, so it was all groovy!  I was surprised how well everyone did!

(I got the idea here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOip204tTxI)

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