Got any boxes hanging around the house this week?  We do!  We got started with our  Opening Song, we said hello to the Librarian, our Story Time friends and the Christmas tree, which was still hanging around!

BOOK: Too Many Toys
by David Shannon

Too many toys

David’s Mom tries to convince him to clean out some of his extra toys (anyone else trying that this week?!?) David has a hard time letting go of them, but in the process discovers the best toy of all.

GAME CUBE!- check out the link to these fun songs we pick by rolling our Game Cube dice!

This week the cube had us play Grow a Bananna!!  We husked a strawberry.  There is a first time for everything!

Flannel Story-
Not a Box by Antoinette Portis

not a boxP1090779P1090780P1090776

This was so much fun!  The kids loved it and they had fun making new imaginary scenes with the shapes in the extension activity – including ice cream, a train, and a pine tree!  To see more about this Flannel Story click here:  Flannel Friday – Boxes!

BOOK: Sitting in My Box by Dee Lillegard
Illustrated by Jon Agee

Sitting in my box

This book is about a cute boy in a box with a book and his imagination.  Simple text and fun story.

GAME:  What’s in the Box

P1090822 P1090804Fun game where each Wiggleworm reached into a box and tried to guess what s/he was touching.  The kids enjoyed it, though it was hard to wait to take turns!

For a how-to click here!


BOOK: Magic Box
by Katie Cleminson

Magic Box

OK, I have to admit I thought this book was just ok when I read it to myself.  I included it in the plan because it had a girl as the main character and all of my other books involved boys and I certainly didn’t want to send a message that girls couldn’t use their imaginations in boxes.  The kids LOVED this book.  It was, well, magical.  They were thrilled with the illustrations (which are beautiful!) and thought the book was funny as well.  Definite read-aloud WIN!

SHUFFLE DANCE: Check out our dance list here!

This week the shuffle ran out of juice during “Irrational Anthem” but that’s ok, PLOT TWIST! We knew enough of the song to struggle through!!

CRAFT:  Shape Collages

P1090819 P1090820
Pre-cut construction paper shapes in many colors
White construction paper
Glue Stick
Magic Markers

The kids enjoyed making their own imaginary scenes out of the shapes – we had houses, trucks, trains, a horse with a beautiful face, a very long dog, and a witch with a castle!

Thank you to StorytimeKatie for the great idea:

Closing Rhyme & Song

How it Went:

This was a hit!  The Wiggleworms liked all of the books and also seemed to really be into the craft!  Thanks for all of the great joining in!!

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