Of course we started with our Opening Song, where we said hi to the librarian, the flowers and the PENGUINS!

Next I brought in a globe so we could see exactly where the South Pole and Antarctica were in preparation for our first book…

BOOK: March of the Penguins
published by National Geographic

March of the Penguins

This book is the “Official Children’s Companion to the Major Motion Picture” and is just the right length for preschoolers.  Beautiful National Geographic photos and fairly simple non-fiction text.

GAME: Pass the Egg

Using plastic Easter eggs we took turns trying to pass our pretend penguin eggs back and forth to each other using only our feet just like the real penguins do.  Ton of fun and the kids were very serious about it. Wish I had thought to snap a photo!

BOOK: Penguin and Pinecone: A Friendship Story
by Selina Yoon

Penguin and Pinecone

Adorable book about a penguin who befriends a pine cone and starts a forest.  Funny and quirky story about friendship.  The kids loved it.

GAME CUBE!- check out the link to these fun songs we pick by rolling our Game Cube dice!

This week the cube had us play Jump! Jump! Jumping!

Flannel Story-
“Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice”


Five little penguins slipping on the ice,
One fell down “Ow!  That’s not nice!”
Mama called the doctor, who gave this advice:
“No more penguins slipping on the ice!”

(Loosely based on the book by Steve Metzger – but the book doesn’t rhyme quite right.  My 3 y.o. noticed right away.  My 16 y.o. helped me alter the rhyme to make 3 year olds happy.)

BOOK: A Penguin Story by Antoinette Portis

A Penguin Story

Another very cute penguin story – this one is about a penguin named Edna who is bored and longs for some excitement, or at least a variety in the colors she can see every day.  Very fun read-aloud because the bored penguin’s tone is just perfect! The kids were thrilled to see the new colors before Edna!

SHUFFLE DANCE: Check out our dance list here!

We picked “Doin’ the Penguin” so we could waddle and waddle and waddle and waddle and fall down again!

CRAFT:  Penguin Hats & Pinecone Friends

Pre-cut penguin face pieces – black, white, orange and blue construction paper (see source for pattern)
Card stock strips to make head piece
Glue Stick

1/4 inch strips of felt

Glue penguin face
Staple card stock strips for head piece onto the face

Pinecone friends are made by wrapping the felt strip around the pinecone – huge hit!

Closing Rhyme & Song

How it Went:

Cutest bunch of penguins I have ever seen!  Everyone was so engaged and well behaved.  This was a super fun theme!


Penguins in the Library tree!!

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