Itsy Bitsy Thanksgiving Crafts

Sneaking these three great baby/toddler friendly crafts in just in time in hopes that someone looking for a distraction finds a great last minute activity to occupy their little one while they stuff the turkey!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall Corn:
fall corn

Pre-cut white construction paper corn cob
Pre-cut brown construction paper husks
Orange, Yellow, Red, Black and Purple tissue paper pre-cut into strips
Glue Stick

Let the kids tear the tissue paper into small pieces
Glue onto corn cob
Attach husks

Great, easy, independent craft that can easily be adapted to a wide variety of ages.


Do-a-Dot Turkey worksheet

We haven’t played with dot markers in a while and it was a ton of fun!  Check out this website for free downloads of worksheets for every letter of the alphabet:

Paper Plate Mayflower
Paper plate cut in half
White construction paper sails
Popsicle sticks
Masking tape
Crayons or Markers

Color the plate as you wish (we had some lovely rainbow ships and some were a  little more traditional!)
Attach sail to Popsicle stick and back of paper plate with masking tape



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