Transportation and Community Helper Crafts

Itsy Bitsy Crafts: Community Helpers & Transportation

Here are the crafts we made this month and links to the sources I got the ideas/downloads from!  All non-toxic, non-choke-hazzard, mostly independently do-able for ages 18 mos. to 3 years old.

Freight Train (from Donald Crew’s Freight Train)



Background paper with pre-drawn train track across bottom (I used a 12×18 sheet of white paper cut in half the long way.  Older kids could draw the track themselves.

Construction paper color shape cut outs based on images in the book (when you look at the book you will realize how easy this is – vyer simple shapes approximately 1×2 inches.  Again, I pre-cut these for this group, but older kids could cut these themselves).

Glue Stick

Black WASHABLE NON TOXIC ink pads (I highly recommend “Highly Washable” inkpads made by Hampton Art (I found mine at AC Moore and they wash up really well.  I have had no problem personally and haven’t received any complaints!)

BABY WIPES!  (crucial!!)


Glue the train cars down the the ‘track’ (some kids and/or their grown-ups like to keep the order shown in the book, some had their own ideas!)

Use the black ink pad to make fingerprint wheels and smoke coming out of the engine’s smoke stack.

If you are watchful you might get kids this age to use only one finger very neatly.  My son went to town with all 10 fingers.   Be quick with the baby wipes and you should have no trouble!


Paper Plate Firefighter Hat



Pre-cut paper plates
Shield cut-out
Glue Stick


Have kids color the pre-cut plate and then glue a firefighter shield to the center of plate. Fold up the front of the hat and wear!  Very simple!!  Kids were thrilled!  PS – not all fire hats are RED!  Some are black, some yellow – I let the kids pick themselves and we had several that were pink!


Community Helper Paper Dolls



Construction paper
Paper doll printout
Pre-cut community helper outfits
Glue Stick

Kids pasted the paper doll printout onto the construction paper frame and then glued outfits onto the helpers. They took this very seriously! Some kids went traditional and then there were some very creative outfits including a farmer-chef and a firefighter-postal carrier!!

(Source:  This craft was adapted from this felt story, the link at the top of the page will give you the .pdf file needed to make this craft:

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