Wiggleworms started this week!

Our first theme:  BOOKS & LIBRARIES!

We started off today with our Opening Song and then a Flannel Board – and WOW the kids LOVED it – could have played it all afternoon!


We chanted “Wiggleworm, Wiggleworm, hiding in a book; Wiggleworm, Wiggleworm, where should we look?”

The first round the kids shouted out colors, the second round they got to come up and pick the book.  So much fun!

When my volunteer buddy was hiding the Wiggleworm for the second round we sang the “Everybody Close Your Eyes” song that I found at this awesome site:

To the tune of “London Bridge”

Everybody close your eyes,
Close your eyes, close your eyes.
Everybody close your eyes,
We’re not peeking!

Everybody keep them closed,
Keep them closed, keep them closed,
No one’s peeking!

BRILLIANT – every one of them very diligently kept their eyes closed!

BOOK:  Maisy Goes to the Library by Lucy Cousins

Maisy Goes to the Library

This delightful little book with bright illustrations shows different parts to a library and Maisy and her friends enjoy story time.

GAME CUBE! – check out the link to these fun songs we pick by rolling our Game Cube dice!


BOOK:  Forrest Friends go to School by Kathryn Warner

Forrest Friends go to School

A great free download!  This cute book shows what happens when books aren’t treated well – the kids got the message to take care of books.   (Source:

SONG:  (To the then of If You’re Happy and You Know It”)

If you’re a reader and you know it, clap your hands,
If you’re a reader and you know it, clap your hands,
If you’re a reader and you know it, and you really want to show it,
If you’re a reader and you know it, clap your hands

(Shout hurray, read a book)


BOOK: Open this Little Book by Jesse Klausmeier

Open this little book cover   Open this little book spread

This book is a series of progressively smaller books nestled together into one very clever story.  Eight thumbs up!  Kids enjoyed helping turn the pages – they just couldn’t resist examining the book.  Probably not a great choice for a huge crowd, but makes a great one on one read!

SHUFFLE DANCE: Check out our dance list here!

BOOK:  We Are in a Book! by Mo Willems

We are in a Book

This book is simply brilliant and absolutely hilarious.  The kids loved it and many of them clearly knew the book.  A bit of pandemonium as we all yelled “BANANAS!”

CRAFT:  Make a book!

P1090072  Kids got to decorate the cover of their own book.  I put simple clip art library images on the pages inside and they delighted in decorating the covers with drawings and stickers.  They were all really proud of their books!

Closing Rhyme & Song

How it Went:

Overall it went great!  The kids were all so excited and well behaved, but got a little wiggly in the third book.  As I mentioned above, the detail in this book probably makes it a better one on one read.  Oh, and I forgot that my iPod speaker doesn’t automatically shut off, so the batteries had run out!  Ooops!  The iPod has a built in mini-speaker so we could hear it well enough and the dancing got the kids back on track.  I couldn’t believe how hard they were all working and and concentrating on making their own books.  Can’t wait for next week!

6 thoughts on “Books!

  1. I love this post! We Are in a Book is one of my all-time favorite read-alouds. “Banana” never fails to get a huge laugh. In fact, I once had a group of kindergartners who called me banana for weeks after I read it to them!

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