Itsy Bitsy August Crafts!

Here are the crafts we did this month!

My goal is to come up with crafts that kids ages 18 months to 3 years can handle with a minimum of help.  This can be quite a challenge!  We sing our “goodbye” song before craft time so that babies or anyone who is just ‘done’ can leave easily.   The second challenge is that we are in a very small space and surrounded by library books, so I try to keep the mess contained whenever possible!  All of the craft supplies are washable and non-toxic.  Whenever we have a craft involving small pieces that could be potential choking hazards I am sure to including a disclaimer and an alternative method of achieving a similar result.


Baby Puzzle!


Such a simple fun craft, and can be adapted to any theme or image!

Here’s what you need:


Picture of a baby (I used this one:

Cut the picture into a simple puzzle (I used four pieces and it worked great for kids ages 18 mos to 3 years, but you could make it easier or more complicated by changing the number of puzzle pieces).

Construction paper for background

Glue stick!

Kids enjoyed this and it was easy for most to do independently.  Quick and easy clean up too!


Self Portraits


Crayon drawings on pre-printed worksheet – found the image and idea here: (their version would be great for preschoolers!)

Kind of over the kid’s heads, but they love to color and it fit our theme!


Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes Coloring Sheet


Found this and a whole bunch of other awesome Pete the Cat worksheets at:

Kids decorated the shoes any way they wanted with crayons, markers and some stickers.  (Wow they love stickers!) We had rainbow shoes, pink shoes, shoes that matched Pete the Cat’s shoes and some general scribbling – all good fun!  Super simple!  Next time I would add some sparkly stuff!


School Bus Tear & Glue sheet


The kids LOVED this!  I have done paper tearing with this group before and they have always been VERY engaged and BUSY!  I think the are thrilled to be allowed to tear some paper and as a bonus, paper tearing is super for building small hand muscles!  Some of the 3 year olds tried writing their own names, some traced and some asked a grown-up to write their name.  Not the easiest project for kids under 2, but the older kids had a blast.

I had seen a similar project on Pinterest but there was no link  for the worksheet (I hate that!).

Here’s what you need:


Construction paper (yellow) cut into one inch strips for kids to tear into smaller pieces

2 black construction paper circles

Glue stick!

Here is a blank copy of the worksheet I created:


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